Pure Dark Circle Cream | How To Attract Women Tips

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What a large amount of folk do not realize is that there’s a solution to get shot of eye dark circles. The difficulty with the absence of complete understanding can be really perilous to an individual because one may suffer from a massive quandary of feeling like a human panda which can become an incessant source of mockery when the reality is that there’s a response to the problem. There are really plenty of solutions ; one of those is the dark circle cream which can give varying result depending on the brand that you employ.
But do you know that there is dark circle cream which you can do on your own but will still give you the result that most extremely high-priced drugs would give? Know some of the most practical remedies:
Chamomile Oil
Chamomile oil is done by getting rid of the oil from its flowers.The instant when you apply this dark circle cream into your skin, the chamomile oil will help to reduce the redness and soreness. Usually , this one is used when producing teas in order to chill the nervous system. You can use some drops of this oil to limit dark circles.
Aloe Vera Gel
This can be used to calm inflammation. Also, this will work really well in reducing puffiness within the area of the eyes. Aloe vera gel is done by opening the aloe vera plant then getting off the gel. This one is normally employed in treating pain because of heat hence this is a very good choice for people suffering from the pain given by sunburn. You can add the aloe vera gel into the blender just after the time when the wax and oil are already combined.
Cucumber Juice
Cucumbers are among the finest that you can do to reduce swelling round the area of the eyes by way of putting the entire slices on the eyes for 10 mins. By reducing swelling, this may highly liven up the outward appearance of the eye. For best result, you are able to add cucumber juice in the mixing process.
Rose Oil
This oil is known to be very emollient to the skin hence this is an effective solution which can be added into your eye cream to reduce irritation. Rose oil is obtained from rose petals. Just a few drops of this dark circle cream will give a very good result which people will be very thankful of.
Above all, I want to share with you regarding dark circle cream. But for more information, I would strongly recommend you to research more on removing dark circles under eyes.

Problems Getting Pregnant or Are You Being Misdiagnosed?

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If you are experiencing a problem getting pregnant, then understanding the intricacies of what it takes to achieve a fertilised egg is of prime importance.
During ovulation, when the egg comes out of the ovarian wall it will normally be taken into the fallopian tube. It is only a matter of seconds after the egg is released from the ovarian wall that the fimbria, or the tip of the fallopian tube will pick the egg up and draw it into the tube properly. If an egg remains unfertilised it can live for up to twenty four hours, and after dying it will be absorbed by the body or it will disintegrate and come out with the menses. To put it in perspective, the size of the egg is about as big as a full stop – like this one.
If on the other hand an egg does get fertilised it happens within a couple of hours after ovulation, and will happen while the egg is in the fallopian tube. This is against the popular misconception that fertilisation takes place inside the uterus. The whole journey of the sperm to the egg in the fallopian tubes can take a good number of hours. The egg gets to the uterus after fertilisation by the help of little vibrating cilia, kind of like tiny hairs which line the inside of the fallopian tubes. The fertilised ovum will reach its final destination and begin to burrow into the nutritious lining of the uterus after about one week of ‘travelling’ to reach there.
If you are experiencing a problem getting pregnant then you need to remember that there are three things that make a pregnancy happen, not just the sperm and egg – the third ingredient is a safe medium for them both to travel is, as without this conduit the vagina is a very hostile environment for the little sperms to tackle.
The medium required is a special type of cervical fluid, often referred to as ‘eggwhite cervical mucus’ because of its resemblance to eggwhites. It is this cervical mucus that is the safe passage of the sperm into the cervix and the waiting egg. The eggwhite cervical mucus in produced during the first part of the menstrual cycle because of the increase in oestrogen, with the premium fluid being produced at ovulation. In this type of cervical fluid, sperm can survive inside for up to five days – so it is entirely possible to have intercourse at the beginning of the week, and not become pregnant till the end of the week!
As it would be a total disaster for a pregnant body if the lining of the uterus were to disintegrate as it usually does in normal cycles, the body does an amazing trick and stops this from happening. When a fertilised egg burrows into the lining of the uterus, the body starts producing a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) which prevents this from happening. It does this by sending a message to the ‘corpus luteum’ or the nourishing lining, and tells it to remain alive. The corpus luteum will continue to maintain itself for a couple of months till the placenta is ready to take over and the placenta will then maintain the lining as well as provide oxygen and nourishment to the growing foetus.
False-negative pregnancy tests are usually received if the test has been done too soon, because the whole process can take a while, and the test is measuring HCG, so if it hasn’t been produced yet, the test will come back negative even if an egg is fertilised. When women chart their cycles, they are more likely to know when a pregnancy has occurred from the first point of implantation because of the notable changes in the cycle.
Couples with a problem getting pregnant need to fully understand the ins and outs of what it takes to achieve conception, because contrary to what we are all told as teenagers, sometimes it is not so easy to become pregnant.
If you enjoyed this information on problem getting pregnant you can make the entire procedure of getting pregnant straightforward and effortless.

Generic Viagra for Bitcoin? Now it is possible!

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The health care system is based on private clinics and physicians to which the state pays for the costs of treatment for residents and citizens with state insurance health card.
There are polyclinics with coupons and queues, sometimes long. Primary reception is carried out by the therapist, who solves most problems. In case of necessity, an appointment is made with a specialist. There is a big problem of queues for specialists, for examinations and for surgery.
It is also possible to find a family doctor who will be your therapist, and always approach him. The problem is finding a doctor who will agree to take on new clients. A doctor in Canada has greater independence; he can work in a clinic, in a hospital and practice private practice with bitcoin pharmacy online.
What’s Free for a Health Card
Free health insurance for residents of Canada covers almost all treatment services in the health care system (Medicare). Complimentary receptions for specialists stay in the hospital, any diagnostic tests and vaccinations are free. The National Health Card can be obtained after 3 months in Canada
Pharmacies are not in the Medicare system and medicines are paid for on their own
Dentists are also independent of the system, so dental care is paid. (But you can free a torn tooth for free) Every treatment is paid or additional insurance is bought. Often, the costs of dentistry are paid by the employer, in whole or in part, this is called Benefits. The Canadian generic medicine is essential now.
First Aid in Canada
Calling an ambulance with the delivery to the hospital will cost 100. USD we pay for the delivery to the hospital, if the patient is not taken, then we do not need to pay. Calling an ambulance involves a threat to life and the task of the service to deliver you to the hospital as soon as possible. In case of a delay, another emergency service may come to you, for example, the police or the fire department.
But if you can wait, you’ll probably have to wait a few hours.
Medications in Canada
The drugs are sold usually local, Canadian-made. Usually for medicines with “name” there are cheaper analogues “generic”. Many medications can be bought in a pharmacy without a prescription, some need a doctor’s prescription. In the pharmacy, you can ask whether there is a cheaper analog for a prescription drug generic. Treatment with a doctor who does not have a license is considered quite normal. Quality is not worse. Simply after the doctor receives a license, he immediately raises the price.
Insurance of non-residents
For arriving on a tourist or student visa, you need to purchase a separate medical insurance. The cost varies greatly depending on the set of services included and can be 50 CAD per month.

Proper use of salt in a healthy nutrition

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There is a general recommendation that the World Health Organization gives us concerning the consuming of salt, no more than five grams per day, which is about a teaspoon.

Clinical studies have shown that there is a statistically significant, direct, progressive relationship between salt intake and blood pressure. There is a simple formula, the more salt is in the food, the higher the blood pressure is: the effect is determined by the dose. The best scientific evidence suggests that reducing the amount of sodium in the diet is especially important for middle-aged and older people and all patients with hypertension. The recommendations of the international cardiological associations are being updated, so reducing salt intake for the prevention of hypertension is quite a reasonable measure.

Low consuming of salt is not the only possible prevention of myocardial infarction and stroke associated with high blood pressure. The excess salt also increases the risk of stomach cancer

Sodium is needed by the body – it plays a role in maintaining water-salt balance and transmitting nerve impulses. However, hyponatremia, that is, a decrease in the concentration of sodium ions in the blood, may develop not only because of serious diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver or heart failure. For people without chronic conditions, “water intoxication” can occur. If you drink several liters of water in a few hours, the sodium concentration decreases, which can lead to heart problems, kidney problems and the most dangerous – brain swelling.

As a rule, most people should take a closer look at the amount of salt that enters with food. Salt can be replaced with spices, herbs, lemon juice, onions, and garlic to make the food tastier.

In refined salt, sodium chloride is almost 100%, and there are no important elements at all because they are destroyed during thermal processing. It is clear that such salt has practically nothing useful, although some trace elements are added artificially.

For instance, iodized salt is known to everyone, but when using it, the need for it starts to increase. The addiction occurs, and people begin to overdo food – the body tries to find minerals, but it has no mineral elements.

 In this case, replacing it by the sea salt will be more useful and beneficial for health. The potassium and sodium in the sea salt help nutrients penetrate our cells; calcium improves blood clotting and the nervous system; magnesium normalizes metabolic processes and prevents the development of allergies; bromine has a soothing effect and improves skin condition; iodine promotes thyroid function, etc.

It is known that in those countries where marine or mineral salt is eaten, diseases of the joints and the cardiovascular system are very rare to happen. European doctors also recognize the health-giving powers of seawater and salt and use them for the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

Among other things, there are substitutes for salt with a high content of potassium – however, before using them, you should consult with your doctor.

How to prevent prediabetes conditions

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Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common and dangerous chronic diseases today. It ranks seventh in the world among the causes of death according to World Health Organization. However, many people still have a misconception about its symptoms, treatment, and prevention.

When we eat food, our body processes the carbohydrates that it contains into sugar (glucose). Insulin, the hormone of the pancreas, is responsible for its absorption. This gives the cells a signal to absorb the glucose that is dissolved in the blood and use it as a source of energy.

Diabetes occurs when insulin production is stopped or the hormone stops normally performing its function, as a result of which sugar begins to accumulate in the blood.

The risk of getting diabetes depends on genetic factors and environmental conditions, but you can keep your blood sugar levels at a normal level through a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

  • For a start, you can reduce the consumption of confectionery and sugary drinks, and replace white bread and pasta with wholemeal flour products. Refined sugar and refined cereals contain fewer nutrients since vitamins and fibers are mainly contained in the shell of grains.
  • Refuse food if its glycemic index exceeds 35

The glycemic index (GI) is an indicator of the rate of transformation of carbohydrates into glucose. The higher its performance is, the faster glucose is released. This increases the amount of sugar in the body.

  • Develop high tolerance for stress
  • Stressful situations provoke many people to eat more sweets. As a result, they have an increased insulin production. Getting used to this habit means an increased risk of developing diabetes.
  • According to experts, physical activity, especially if you practice your favorite sport, helps relieve stress and improves emotional well-being.
  • Include enough protein and alkaline foods in the diet (The diet should contain enough protein. Nutritionists say that it is best that proteins were of plant origin (soybeans, lentils, beans, peas, chickpeas). Foods that contain alkali, such as vegetables, all greens, cabbage, unsweetened fruits and berries, garlic, normalize the amount of sugar in the blood. Lemon, despite its sour taste, has also a high level of alkalinity.
  • Exercise can also help to lower blood sugar. Doctors recommend spending at least two and a half hours a week by doing aerobic exercise, for example, walking or climbing stairs.
  • Drink plenty of fluids

People who drink enough fluids are less likely to increase their blood density due to an increase the level of sugar in the organism. Otherwise, the chance of developing diabetes and insulin resistance is increased.

  • Monitor blood sugar

Regularly check the level of sugar is recommended even for healthy people. So it is important to take measurements every morning on an empty stomach. The normal glucose level is 3.3–5.5 mmol / l.

As you can see, there is nothing scary and difficult in the prevention of diabetes. And that is most important that all these rules are integral components of a healthy lifestyle, which means that by following them you can avoid not only diabetes but also diseases such as hypertension, stroke, heart attack, and many others.

Everything that You Need to Know About Chemotherapy

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Chemotherapy is one of the most widely used therapeutic modalities in the treatment of cancer, which is done by using a wide variety of drugs.

The main objective of the Chemotherapy is to destroy the cells that make up the tumor in order to achieve the reduction of the disease. The drugs used in this type of treatment are called antineoplastic or chemotherapeutic drugs.

Normally, the process of dividing healthy cells is strictly regulated by many control mechanisms, which tell the cell when to divide or when to remain stable.

Chemotherapy Treatment

In general, chemotherapy acts in the phase of the division of the tumor cell preventing its multiplication, and destroying them. Over time, this results in a decrease or disappearance of the malignant tumor.

Purpose of the Chemotherapy

The purpose of chemotherapy may vary depending on the type of tumor, the stage in which the tumor is found, and the general condition of the patient:


In this case, the intention of chemotherapy is to cure the disease and can be used as a single treatment or it can be combined with others. A patient is considered cured when there is no evidence of tumor cells for a long time.


Chemotherapy is intended to control the symptoms produced by the tumor. Its primary objective is to improve the quality of life of the patient and, if possible, also increase their survival.

Each type of malignant tumor has a certain sensitivity to chemotherapeutic drugs and a certain resistance to others. However, it is frequent that the same drug can be used in the treatment of different tumors, varying the doses or associating it with other different drugs.

For each type of neoplasm, and depending on the stage of the disease, specific treatment schemes are used, usually combinations of cytotoxic drugs, which are usually identified by acronyms. Your oncologist will be the one who decides what type of drugs and what dose is necessary to administer depending on a series of factors such as:

  • Your general condition
  • Previous diseases (heart disease, vascular diseases, etc…)
  • Type of tumor
  • The phase of the disease.
  • Location of the tumor.

Does Chemotherapy Work?

Generally, during the treatment and/or after the end of it, your oncologist will ask you to do a series of tests that will allow you to know how the tumor has responded to chemotherapy.

Only through them, it is possible to know if the tumor has diminished, disappeared or if on the contrary it is in a stable situation or has progressed.

Does Chemotherapy Work?

The response of a tumor to a treatment is totally independent of the number and intensity of the side effects caused by it. The fact of not developing symptoms during chemotherapy does not mean that it is not acting on the tumor and vice versa.

Generally, the possibility of continuing with your daily activities is determined by the side effects that chemotherapy can cause (fatigue, discomfort, etc).

The side effects caused by chemotherapy depend on a number of factors such as:

  • Type of chemotherapy and dose: each drug can cause side effects totally different from those caused by other medications. In addition, these effects are more or less intense, depending on the dose administered, the interval between cycles, etc.
  • Previous illnesses: some chronic diseases can aggravate symptoms and side effects. Thus, for example, diabetes can increase neurological toxicity.
  • Individual susceptibility: although certain side effects always appear when a specific drug is used, other effects or the intensity of the same varies from one person to another.

Although most patients can continue to perform their daily activities during treatment, it is difficult to know a priori what will happen in your case. It is convenient that you consider the possibility of decreasing the pace of work and rest during the days after the administration of the treatment.

Your doctor can inform you about the side effects of the treatment and advise on the recommendations to follow.

Leukemia: Causes, Symptoms and Preventions

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What is Leukemia?

Leukemia is nothing but another name for the Blood Cancer.

Leukemia or blood cancer, more usual in the stage of childhood (about 25% of childhood cancers are leukemias), is a disease of the hematopoietic system or the blood-producing cells in which the leukocytes also known as white blood cells. Totally or partially, the premature white blood cells of the bone marrow get mixed into the bloodstream and this is established in the different organs of the lymphatic system.

The blood cancer (leukemia), according to its evolution, is divided into acute and chronic leukemias: acute leukemia is characterized by the rapid development of the disease, while chronic leukemia has a deceptive course. The patient may take months or even years to develop severe symptoms.


Another classification focuses on the degree of maturity and the offspring of leukocytes multiplied exaggeratedly: Myeloid and lymphocytic leukemia, the first when degraded leukocytes come from the bone marrow tissue, from which various blood cells develop, including the so-called granulocytes, the second when the leukemia cells appear due to the malignant degradation of another family of cells, the so-called lymphocytes.

How is Leukemia caused?

Leukemia is caused when some cells become cancerous and spread to the bloodstream and lymph nodes. They can also travel to the brain and spinal cord (the central nervous system) and other parts of the body.

The body can regulate the development of cells sending signals that indicate when it should stop. But with respect to this disease, these cells do not respond to these signals and reproduce, regardless of the available space. These abnormal cells get to reproduce quickly and do not work as healthy white blood cells, whose mission is to fight infections.

When the immature white blood cells begin to displace the healthy cells of the bone marrow, the person gets to experience the symptoms of leukemia (infections, anemia, bleeding).

What are the Symptoms of Leukemia?

In leukemia (blood cancer), each case is unique and particular, but leukemia usually has the following symptoms:

  • Tiredness:

Usually, people do not usually visit the doctor because of fatigue, and when they dare to do so, it is because fatigue seemingly without cause affects their daily lives.

  • Decay:

Fatigue or exhaustion is usually temporary and can be attributed to specific and diverse causes such as a day of intense work, lack of sleep, a tiring trip, a crippling situation or excessive exercise.

How can Leukemia be Treated

  • Fever:

Fever is defined as the body temperature above 38 ° C. In many cases. The temperature can be measured by a suitable thermometer, in the ear, under the armpit (axillary), under the tongue in the mouth (buccal) or in the anus (rectal).

  • Night Sweats:

Sweating too much at night is a general symptom that can manifest itself in many different diseases. Especially in the case of infections and tumors. The sweats can also appear without an apparent reason and without being related to a pathology.

  • Losing weight:

Losing weight is possible if you take care of your diet and if you exercise regularly and appropriately. In case these measures are not enough, there are healthy diets that favor the task. However, weight loss can also be related to some pathology.

  • Loss of appetite:

Having a good appetite has always been considered a sign of good health. The lack of appetite for a short time is normal, however, if you suffer for a long time or even constant, it may be an indication of a disease, so it is very important to see a doctor.

How can Leukemia (Blood Cancer) be prevented?

Unfortunately, until now, there is no known measure that can prevent leukemia. In addition, the drawback is that there is no possibility of detecting it early. However, in order to reduce the risk of cancer, special care must be taken with chemical contaminants, in particular, benzene and the substances that contain it.

It is recommended to avoid tobacco, alcohol and exercise, take care of food and thus lead a good quality of life.

If you have prolonged symptoms such as malaise, weakness, fatigue, and fever, you should see a doctor to explain the possible causes. Even if the odds of a leukemia are low compared to other diseases, it must be clearly understood that the earlier a disease is detected, the greater the chance of cure.

There are very few known causes of childhood leukemia related to lifestyle or the environment. Therefore, it is important to know that in most cases there is nothing these children or their parents could have done to prevent these cancers.

Cancer: The Complete Prevention Guide

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One in three men and one in four women develop cancer throughout their lives. There are more than 200 different types of tumors, with particular causes and characteristics.

There are two ways to address cancer prevention, on the one hand, by adopting a series of healthy habits that we should all follow, on the other, giving the importance it deserves to certain activities of early diagnosis and health education:

Primary Prevention of Cancer

This is the set of actions that lead to the reduction of the incidence of cancer cases by eliminating the possible causal factors. The European Code Against Cancer summarizes the most important measures of primary prevention:

1. Do not smoke or quit as soon as possible. That includes all types of tobacco. It is the main preventable cause of cancer. In addition to your lungs, larynx, esophagus, oral cavity or stomach, among many other organs, they will thank you.

2. Avoid obesity (BMI over 30) and maintain a balanced and healthy normal weight (BMI between 18.5 and 24.9). An excess of body fat is related to more likely to suffer cancer of the kidney, colon and rectum, pancreas, gallbladder, breast, ovaries, and endometrium.

Prevent Cancer

3. Do some physical activity of moderate intensity every day, at least for 30 minutes. Turn your back on a sedentary lifestyle and reduce the likelihood of having breast or endometrial tumors or colorectal cancer.

4. Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables (four or five servings per day), take two or three servings a day of protein, and ingest 30 gr. of fiber.

5. Limit the consumption of foods that contain saturated fats of animal origin or butter, red meat, products with excess salt, too caloric foods or drinks with excess sugar.

6. It is advisable to take crude olive oil, include in your diet bluefish, legumes, whole grains and, in a moderate way, nuts. Some products, such as hawthorn, evening primrose or crustaceans such as Krill contain W3 fatty acids ( cellular antioxidants ) that can help reduce the chances of suffering from certain tumors.

7. Drink eight glasses of water daily.

8. Control alcohol consumption, or much better, avoid it altogether. Decreasing the intake of alcoholic drinks from ‘four or more’ daily to ‘one or none’ can reduce the risk of liver cancer by 21%; the colon by 31%, and the breast by 30%.

9. Avoid excessive exposure to the sun. This recommendation is especially important in the smallest. To prevent the appearance of skin cancers use sunscreen, avoid hours of maximum exposure to the sun and do away with the use of UVA cabins.

10. Apply legislation to the workplace to prevent any exposure to substances that may cause cancer. Apply the rules of radiological protection.

11. Reduce the natural levels of radon – a type of natural radioactive gas – present in your home in case of being exposed to this type of radiation, since it increases the risk of lung cancer. There are plastic detectors to measure the radon concentration in your home.

12. Remember that breastfeeding protects against breast cancer, being able to reduce its risk of occurrence up to 4%.

13. Limit the treatments based on hormone replacement therapy, since they can increase the risk of suffering from some types of cancer.

Cancer Prevention Guident

Secondary Prevention of Cancer

The primary prevention measures must be completed with activities of early diagnosis and health education of the population in what is called, in general, secondary prevention.

Early diagnosis is the set of activities that aim to detect the disease before it manifests clinically, and thus begin treatment early. The effectiveness of early diagnosis of cancer has been clearly demonstrated in three cancers: breast, cervical and colorectal cancer.

The health education means to publicize the early signs of cancer for which an individual should consult your doctor. There are public health programs that can prevent cancer or increase the chance of curing cancer that has already appeared:

  • Women age 25 and older should be screened for cervical cancer early.
  • Women over 50 should have a mammogram for the early detection of breast cancer.
  • Men and women over 50 should undergo screening for early colon cancer.
  • Vaccination programs against the hepatitis B virus, such as prevention of liver cancer, and vaccination against human papillomavirus as prevention of cervical cancer.